Dicenomicon TV

The Dicenomicon for your TV
The Dicenomicon TV provides a way to use your appleTV to roll virtual dice on the television. Great for game night when you don't have enough space on the table. All the common dice are available, with multiple colors for d6s, and even the more exotic sides/shapes.
  • Common dice types used for role playing games (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d%)
  • Many uncommon dice types (including support for FATE/Fudge)
Shared Dice Roller
Besides being driven by the Siri Remote, The Dicenomicon TV can also be controlled by iOS devices running The Dicenomicon + 1. This allows anyone to roll arbitrary dice from their device and have the results appear on a large shared screen. Great for letting a DM make private rolls on their device, and then with a quick tap of the "Remote Roller" accessory, public rolls are visible to all