dN ner

dN ner: RGP Time Keeper

dN ner (pronounced "dinner")

  • Is it time for a long rest?
  • How much time is left on the Fly spell?
  • Time to check for wandering monsters?

These are the questions GMs (and players) dread - and now there's a solution!

dN ner ("dinner", as in "is it dinner time") is an alarm clock app that run on role-play game time. Solves:

  • Wands recharge at dawn? Set an alarms for specific time, repeating daily
  • Wandering monster checks every 10 minutes? Set a repeating timers
  • Fly spell last for the 10 minutes? Darkness spell last 1 minute? Water Walk spell lasts for 1 hour? Set a timer for that specific duration
  • 5 days until Midsummer when the adventures need to return? Set an alarm to the specific date/time