Cat Zee

Cat Zee - Pet Cats, Push Your Luck

Cats, right? Pet them four times and the fifth time they scratch you. In Cat Zee you try to pet as many cats as you can, without getting scratched. You get a points for each cat, but if you get scratched a fifth time, you're turn ends and you lose those points. Most points after nine lives wins.

Maybe some more experienced cats should explain the rules:

  • Each round you roll five special dice.  
  • (different kinds of dice are more or less likely have cats or scratches)  
  • Set aside the dice showing cats...  
  • (these will be worth points, assuming you don't push your luck too far)  
  • ...and the ones showing scratches...  
  • (get five scratches and your luck runs out)  
  • ...and decide if you want to reroll the empty boxes.  
  • (plus more dice to bring the roll up to five)  
  • Repeat this for nine rounds to get the highest final total score to win!  
  • (Ties are decided by who get the best single round, just in case)  
  • Don't make me come over here and swipe at you!  

Push your luck to get more cats, or play it safe with what you've got, because if you roll a fifth scratch your turn ends without any points.